When Competitors Stalk JagChamber

Aug 22, 2019  -  Business

Wait until you read/hear this: 💥💥💥

"Hey, after you met with us, your competition reached out to us the day after, 'Hi, we know that you're looking at other options such as Jag Chamber, we're just following up with you to see what we can do for you if you're needing help."

I told everyone when I started to roll out to the Chamber industry, EVERY DAY we roll out new stuff, EVERY TIME, competition is shakin' up, and that one certain competitor doesn't have it in them! You need a better gaming face! Because their leaker is a LOCAL WA State executive (CEO) here spilling out what we're doing and where we're at, which I'm cool with it!

I think Sharon is going to be mad 🤣😂, but as I keep telling her, "Consider it a blessing, because we lead the way, and watch how the SHEEP (competition) follow.

Because we love to LEAD the way! 👊

If they want, JagChamber is for sale $250,000,000.00 so If you're from our competitors, there you have it!