Our Jag Event Module Goes Beyond Other Event Sites

May 28, 2019  -  Events | News & Updates

You can't even do this at Eventbrite, Brown Paper Tickets and have such a customized event module that sells tickets for any type, anywhere else... Schedule tic kets to be on sale for X amount of time, and they automatically close for ticket sales...

Not even our competitors have figured this out, then the ability to allow people to sponsor your events? Check out  Woodland WA Chamber of Commerce 's event here using the Sponsorship module like a BOSS!  https://woodlandwachamber.com/…/2019-woodland-chamber-of-co…

The other cool thing is this, we added the ability so you don't even need to show it's a member-based system (See the first screenshot) where you can run this as your very OWN event ticket selling website without the need of showing it's member-based, we leave the power to YOU!

Basically, slap the calendar on the home page with our shortcode for the calendar, and sell tickets... Simple as that...

Bah, come at me bro! We have many competitors in this sector because our system does all of the following but NOT limited to in a short version:

1. Membership Based (With Member to Member Deals)2. Email Campaigns + SMS Integrated Marketing3. CRM - Elements of your CRM are your support ticketing system.4. CMS - Content Management System5. Events - Left them all in the dust6. Surveys - Survey Monkey hates us.7. Job Postings Directory of Press Releases8. JagDocs - Build your own bylaws and documentation out9. Press Release Directory of Press Releases10. Blogs and Directory of Blogs11. Multivendor Ecommerce Shop - Amazon and Etsy12. Project Management -13. Internal Accounting (New)14. Integrated with QuickBooks Online15. Galleries - Ability to add as many galleries as you like.16. Reports Galore with beautiful charting and a huge Tracker built in.17. Selling Ad space18. Ability to setup multiple payment gateways.19. Full role-based backend20. What do you call this thing? Not even Gartner can classify us as a CMS, ERP, CRM... We're a hybrid of ALL of these in ONE admin panel!21. Oh, we're a Google Partner, what now? The Stamp was loud and clear! 

Jag Suite  -  Jag Chamber  the most enterprise type of system you'll ever meet and see!