Jag Streamlines Processes With Diverse Modules

Jul 07, 2019  -  Business | News & Updates

Diversity. That is the best word that describes our suite of products at Jag. Here are all the modules that Jag encompasses:

Membership/customer/donor module

  • Are you looking to entice your members to move up to the next package? Well, Jag now allows you to limit the number of job posts, press releases, blogs posts and more so that you can offer a varying amount per package!
  • We now have a customizable membership application so you can learn about your members/clients when they join!

Communications module

  • Send out SMS text messages, emails, newsletters to all your members, clients and/or donors with our communications module! Track link clicks and open rates too!

Event module

  • Our event module is as diverse and fits any type of event your organization hosts. Need meal tickets? No problem! Need varying ticket pricing? No problem! Is a third party selling your tickets? Again, no problem! Jag has the ultimate event module to fit every type of event.
  • Your members, clients and/or donors can also purchase event sponsorships online! And as soon as they are paid, their logo will show up on the event page (if included in that event sponsorship package) so you don’t have to load it yourself!
  • Soon, the event module will allow teamed events, like a golf event or triathlon!

Accounting module

  • We directly link to QuickBooks online. All revenues from event tickets, memberships, ecommerce and everything else are automatically logged into QuickBooks. Don’t want to link to QuickBooks, then Jag’s own invoicing system will meet your needs.

Content Management System (CMS)

  • Yep, that’s right! Jag also manages your website and you can create custom pages using our CMS.

Project Management

  • Do you use a project management system to manage your to-dos with events or other projects? Jag now has a project management module that allows you to customize the tasks you need to manage your project. It also can create project templates so if you have several similar projects, just use the template!

Leads module

  • Of course, you want to grow your member, clients, and donor base! Our leads module allows you to keep track of those potentials! Once you land them, it’s easy to convert them, just click the “Convert to Member” button. The notes follow them so that you keep their history!

Ecommerce module

  • Our ecommerce module allows you to sell items on your website so that you no longer have to use a third party, like Amazon or Etsy. Create your own categories easily! So go ahead, sell coffee drinks, food, clothing, art, music or whatever you’d like!
  • Our ecommerce module also allows your members, clients and/or donors to sell projects on your website. We call this the multi-vendor feature. The great thing is that you can choose to take a percentage of all sales to benefit your organization.

Survey module

  • Want to hear from your members, donors and/or clients about their experience at an event or in general? Send them a survey! Yep, you can do that with Jag too!

Social Share

  • Share your events, blog posts, press releases easily with Jag’s Social share! 

Miscellaneous Modules

  • Jag also offers you and your members, clients or donors the ability to post the following on your website, if you choose: 
    • Press releases
    • Job posts
    • Blog posts
    • Member to Member deals
    • Events
    • Multi-vendor ecommerce shop

So, as you can see, Jag offers a diverse array of features to meet your every need … whether you’re a Chamber of Commerce, Association, Non-profit, coffee or food shop, clothing store or whatever, Jag will work for you and your brand! And the great thing is that it’s both fast, secure and SEO friendly!

Take a test drive and check it out! Sign-up for a demo today!