Jag is About Streamlining Processes, Not the Bottom Line

May 15, 2019  -  Business

Coming from Sharon Couts, Partner of the Jag Solution which is powered by WinnComm, LLC

I’m an extremely empathetic person. I guess that’s why I worked in the nonprofit world of helping homeless men, women, and children for a majority of my career. I wanted to do something that matters, that helps other people. 

I guess that why a particular phone call with a Chamber executive director has got me, how do I describe it, bummed? Discouraged? Feeling bad? I’m not exactly sure what it is I’m feeling because I’m in a role that if you asked my mom when I was 13 that this was my future, she would’ve said, “NO WAY!

In my new role as co-founder of WinnComm’s Jag solution, I have become a saleswoman. I call and because we only launched seven months ago, I’m basically just introducing (Brand Awareness) Jag to our targeted audiences. No hard sales pitch. If they are currently using our competitors, then I say great! Give them a bit more about Jag and let them go about their day. Most people hate sales calls, including me.

The thing is today I was speaking to a really small chamber, less than 90 members. She mentioned her board look at our competitor but declined because of their small budget. I let her know that because Jag just launched, our prices are reasonable for small chambers like herself and we’ve been able to get many small chambers who haven’t had a solution previously onboard with Jag. She said to email her the information and she’ll see if the board wanted to go take the Jag journey. We hung up, I emailed her but thought, it would probably be still too expensive for her budget. Jim and I spoke about it and decided to offer an even greater discount because our philosophy is to help streamline the process of all chamber executive directors and not penalize them because they exist in a small community and don’t have very many members.

She even said, “Wow, it may take the place of my job.” I told her no, you would still need to manage the website and send the emails. It would just streamline you so that you can do more of what you’re good at, which is building community. 

After Jim and I spoke, we were both excited that we agreed to offer this Chamber an even greater discount! We both briskly walked to Jim’s office to make the call. What I thought would make her happy and excited turned out to be the receiving end of a board member yelling at me through an email to "Never call again. She’s busy enough."

I haven’t made a phone call again today.

I’ve been rejected many times and haven’t been affected as I have been with this exchange. I know Jag will help her and we were doing everything possible to make it affordable for her Chamber. Yes, it was a sales call, but our intentions were and always will be good. Our intentions were to help her and her Chamber. And now I feel bad because she thought, and her board member thought I was just trying to sell her Jag and that we only cared about the money and that is so far from the truth because we were practically giving it away to her.

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day. I will again make phone calls. I will again get rejected as expected but it is my goal not to become a cold thick-skinned salesperson that doesn’t care for anything except the bottom line!

That's my promise!!!