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Jul 09, 2019  -  Business | News & Updates

Enhanced Membership Features in Short

Did you know, we release and roll out fixes, patches, and core features free of charge, and hassle-free?

Which means, we do NOT bother you on clicking buttons to activate a certain feature, or take up your valuable time with us trying to have you handle upgrading your own systems? We do this for you, it's inclusive to your monthly and we're upfront with you every step of the way! This way it allows you to do what you do best, and that's building your community at your chamber of commerce!

Sneaky Competition JagChamber

Here we have a new and improved membership package, we announced it after we released it right away. But why you may ask?

Simply stated, our competition is copying our style, which is basically a blessing, because we know what people want and need in a system!

Yes, that's right, our amazing signup process is now fully configured by YOU!

However, now the enhanced features are in place for each package, this way it's package-specific as you see below:

  • Event Ticket Credits
  • Enhanced Featured Member Directory Fee with Placement
  • Blog Limitations
  • Job Limitations
  • Press Release Limitations
  • Event Limitations
  • Shop Product Limitations

All of the above are managed automatically by Jag itself, meaning, you get to engage more with your members, look upon the member's profile accordingly, however many credits they have left!

There are more features coming, but we're starting with the following which you can manage it all appropriately on the member's profile page on the admin side:

  • Groups/Meetings
  • Room Rentals
  • Special Materials

jag membership package enhanced membership features

jag member profile

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