Jag Continues to Raise the Bar in Fair Business Practices

May 07, 2019  -  Business

When we opened our office just over a year ago in Kent, Washington, one of our founding partners said, “We’re raising the bar in business.” Every day we hold true to these words. We are upfront. We are honest. We don’t hide fees. We can’t say the same about our competitors.

It’s hard to classify Jag because it does so much! On one aspect, we are a membership or client management solution, which is important to every member type business like Chambers of Commerce, Downtown Associations and Builder Associations. On the other hand, Jag can manage your company’s digital communications as well, because it also incorporates your email marketing, website (CMS), surveys, project management, QuickBooks, events and events sponsorships! Basically, Jag does a lot within just one solution and login. 

Another difference about Jag and our company principals is that we are bringing the power back to the Chambers and website owners of the world! This includes giving Chambers and other businesses the power to sign up for their own credit card processing account. We offer a choice of two credit card processing companies that are well known, as we integrate seamlessly.

Why do we do this? Well, believe or not, if your current solution provider is managing your credit card processing FOR YOU, then they are taking a percentage of your revenues. Whether or not they disclose this to you openly or in the fine print, we’re not sure. But rest assured, if you’re processing ticket sales and membership renewals online with a credit card, you are not only being charged the credit card processing fees, you’re being charged additional fees by your own software management solution provider.

How do we know this? Our credit card processing company asked us if Jag wanted to do this same procedure. Of course, we said NO! That is not our business practice.

So just a word of warning, if you do not have access or did not set up your credit card processing account but instead your software membership solution did it for you, you may want to check and see how much they are skimming off the top of your sales and go back as far as you can recall to see how long they’ve been doing this!