Custom Registration for New and Existing Members has Arrived at Jag!

Jun 06, 2019  -  Business | News & Updates

 Once you meet a Chamber … you’ve met ONE Chamber. The same goes for trade associations. No two associations are alike! So why do membership solutions require you to use a single registration format without the possibility to customize and ask questions that you want to ask?

Well, guess what? Jag just launched its new customizable registration form! The only fields that are required are the company name, address, and email. Now, you can ask YOUR new members ANY question that you want to be answered when they sign up online using the Jag solution!

Here’s how it works from the admin panel:

Step One: Create a New Package

  • Enter package name and price (and set-up fee, which is optional)
  • Enter the number of free event tickets (optional)
  • Write description
  • Decide permissions for blogs, jobs, events, press releases, and ecommerce
  • Select package type (annual, bi-annual, quarterly, monthly)
  • Make sure it’s active.


Step Two: Click the “Membership Custom Fields” tab

Create Your Customer Registration Steps (Jag doesn’t use log forms. It uses a step-by-step or tab form)


Please Note: These steps are already filled out for you:

  • Selecting the membership package is first for your new members. This way they know what they are buying upfront!
  • Step one is login details. This includes company or individual name, email, password and directory category
  • Step two is a company or individual address
  • The last step is always payment. Everything in between step two and payments is UP TO YOU!

Below we created three (3) additional steps: Member Information; Why Join? Additional Information. Now you have the option to ask if the new member wants to join a committee, sponsor an event or why they joined? You now can ask ANY question you want to be answered at the start of your newly formed partnership with your member!


Step Three: Drag the fields you want under each Step Heading. 


Now when your new members sign up for a package, there are additional steps with the above questions for them to answer. (Compare to step two image).